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I have been using Caldhan V & Ayumin since last one year. Both products help in optimum production of milk and also prevent some disease like milk fever, repeat breeders and anoestrus.

I am highly thankful to Ayurvet,for making my animal more productive with the help of these products.

Smt. Munni Devi ,   W/O Shri Bramha Pal

I have been using Ruchamax for several years now and I'm fully satisfied with the results. Ruchamax helps in correcting the digestion of animals and I would certify it as a quality product.

I own a dairy farm with more than 300 lactating animals at Jaipur. I would like to advise my farmer friends to use Ruchamax whenever they face problems with their animal's feeding. I am highly thankful to Ayurvet for marketing this product.

Sohan Singh Yadav ,   Dairy Farmer
Yadav Dairy farm, Jaipur

I am extremely pleased with the results of Ayurvet's Toxiroak. This is an excellent  herbal mycotoxin binder which also works as a growth promoter with immuno-modulatory effect. Moreover, it’s natural and safe and does not produce any harmful effects. I first began using this product 2 years back. I feel Toxiroak helps pigs to maintain a high level of productivity and this gives me the confidence that I am doing the best for the pigs. I want to thank Ayurvet for their wonderful products and their technical support has also helped me a lot.

Tan ,   Kualalampur

Mastilep is a very effective formulation for acute Mastitis. Mastilep is formulated with traditional knowledge & modern science. Mastilep should be applied gently on whole udder. It should not be rubbed.

Dr.P.K.Srivastava ,   Veterinary Hospital
Ghazipur, Delhi

I am looking after the Dayanand Gosavardhan Gaushala, Ghazipur, Delhi. We have approximately 400 lactating animals. We have been using Exapar liquid for several years now. We found Exapar to be very effective for expulsion of placenta. Exapar also helps in case of anoestrus and repeat breeding.

Prithvipal Singh ,   Dayanand Gosavardhan Gaushala,
Ghazipur, Delhi

The journey starts back in 1998 when I started to officially licence and introduce the ayurvedic herbal therapeutic products of Ayurvet for the treatment of animals in my country - Hungary, Central-Europe - as an alternative to chemicals. Ayurvet’s products are natural, safe and scientifically validated - based on scientific research and 5000 years of traditions of Ayurveda - which ensure their quality and efficacy.

I can proudly say that the products - for both animal husbandry and for pet care - are well accepted and are in always growing demand now in my country. The products were proved to be effective and economical, and thanks to the official, EU-conform licences (the first ones of this kind in Europe) their safety and quality is officially guaranteed and trusted. I am totally amazed at Ayurvet's products and recommend it highly for those who are seeking the alternative of perilous chemicals. Thanks to Ayurvet for providing an effective alternative.

István J. Riesz ,   Managing Director, Garuda Trade Ltd.,
Budapest, Hungary