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Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are vital because  they ensure that products are consistently produced  to the exact quality standards appropriate to their intended use and label claims. GMP is aimed primarily at diminishing the risks inherent in any pharmaceutical production process, which may broadly be categorized  as : cross contamination/mix-ups and false labeling.

Adequate safety, consistent quality and efficacy are the prime factors in WHO quality assurance guidelines. Ayurvet obtained the WHO-GMP certification in 2006, within 12 months of setting up its manufacturing unit.


The International Standardization Organization (ISO) provides certification on quality management and services.

ISO helps both product and service systems to achieve standards of quality that are recognized and respected throughout the world. Ayurvet became ISO certifed in 2006.


This certification is a jewel in the company's cap since it essentially means that the company's products meet the stringent quality standards of European GMP norms. This certification was obtained in 2007.

Niryat Shiromani Puraskar

Ayurvet Limited recently received the "Niryat Shiromani Puraskar" awarded by the Indian Council of Small and Medium Exporters (ICSME) for its role in promoting the export of products from India. This award is given annually to those company's in the small and medium-scale sector that deliver outstanding export performance

Stresroak Registered as a Medicine in Poland

Ayurvet, the leading manufacturer of herbal veterinary medicines and feed supplements has received its first registration under the new EU norms for it's flagship product, STRESROAK. This product is a herbal         anti-stress and immuno-modulator backed by years of research and testing. This is the first herbal veterinary product from India which has been approved for marketing as a medicine under the new EU norms.